Early Spring in NYC

By Li Yan on Apr 12, 2016

Rockefeller Center is probably the best vantage point for the views of Manhattan since the Top of the Rock is tall enough to let you see a panoramic view of Manhattan and also the legendary Empire State Building is right in front of it. The "golden hour" period before sunset is arguably the best time of a day. 

I arrived at the observation deck around an hour before the "golden hour" in order to capture all the changes from day to night, I spent over 2 hours outside on the observation deck, that night was really cold, I was holding my camera without gloves, that was freezing. I can barely feel my hand when I came back inside the lobby, but it was worth the effort, the views are absolutely spectacular.


This picture below is one of my favorite shot in this trip, the couple was too focused on taking their selfie and I accidentally captured the scene, their facial expression is just priceless.


Below is the famous ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Center, luckily, there weren't too many tourists in the rink when I was taking this shot.


I didn't go to the top of the Empire State Building this time since I have been to the top of it in 2010, I wasn't quite impressed.


Over 100 years old New York subway system.


The Grand Central subway station is my favorite subway station in New York, this place has a unique cinematic feel.


A street performer is changing his costume at 42nd St subway station.


Some random shots I took near to the Times Square.


My iPhone couldn't resist the cold weather and finally gone crashed, I have to go inside to warm my phone up. Surprisingly, I saw this weird guy, maybe we can call him the "Underpants Man".


Some street shots in the morning.

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Eon Love
Eon Love • 8 months ago
Tourico Vacations ---Great photos
Yin Qiang
Yin Qiang • 2 years ago
I like the color.
Jinhe LU
Jinhe LU • 2 years ago
表现纽约这种大都市色彩的选择至关重要, 这一点你做的很棒!